Our Story

In 2007, Antioch AME Church became “One Church in Three Locations” with the opening of a third worship location situated on 15 acres of land which was acquired at 1790 Ebenezer Road SW in Conyers, GA. The expansion location was dubbed “Antioch Conyers” but, before the first service was assembled—indeed, before the new congregation’s members even ventured into their new territory—they engaged in much prayer and research led by, then Senior Pastor, Rev. Dr. Stafford J. N. Wicker.  This was an ideal site for expansion, offering a strong and growing African American population base, and in great need of Christian witnessing and Kingdom building. Dr. Wicker and the members of Antioch Stone Mountain wanted to be a part of that!

The dedicated, energetic stewards of the Stone Mountain congregation sought to replicate the models of ministry that were active at Antioch Main Campus, while capitalizing on the many opportunities that were unique to the new location. With the guidance of Dr. Wicker there were many campus ministers who served: Revs: Carolyn Habersham, Myron Deas, Clyde Corbin, Trae Green, Floyd Narcisse, Jarrett Washington, Alfred Vaughn, Roland Young, Frances Hunter, Ken Aveirls and Garland Higgins. Initially, membership growth was sporadic, but attendance at Sunday services soon began to spiral upward each week. 


On July 11, 2016, Pastor Stafford Wicker was elected and consecrated the 137th Bishop of the A.M.E. Church at the 50thQuadrennial of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, becoming the first pastor from Antioch to be elevated to the position of Bishop.


 In October 2016, during the Mid-Year Meeting of the Sixth Episcopal District, Bishop Reginald T. Jackson appointed the Reverend Shawn Drains as the new pastor of Antioch East (the name given at that time). A spiritual renewal begun through high praise, worship and preaching by the new pastor. Bible studies, prayer meetings, workshops, and strategic planning sessions were held as we charted a future. During this time the process begun to transition from one church in three locations to becoming an independent church within the denomination.  


On May 17, 2017, during the 142nd session of the Atlanta North Georgia Annual Conference, Pastor Drains presented a resolution to officially establish Antioch East AME Church, located in Conyers, Georgia, which is comprised of the former Antioch Conyers campus with a membership of 125 individuals.  


On May 31, 2019, during the Planning Meeting of the Sixth Episcopal Church, Rev. John D. Young, was appointed as the second pastor. Pastor Young along with First Lady Chasity and Israel Jacob came, humbled and ready to work. Pastor Young got busy learning the people, teaching weekly bible studies and working full-time in the office ensuring that the church was fully self-sustaining. 


In October 2019, Pastor Young along with the faithful congregation of purchased 1790 Ebenezer Road SW from the Community Development Corporation of Antioch AME Church for 1.3 million dollars. 


As continue to write our story, we are thankful for what God has done and we’re excited to see what God will allow us to do as we remain Kingdom Focused!